Big Surprise: Harvard Study Shows that Sarcasm is Actually Good for You

Sarcasm goes over many people’s heads and many people don’t like it.  It’s understandable, many people don’t like jokes that they don’t understand.  But sarcasm can be helpful in life.  Not just in making you laugh too. A group decided to study what different styles of conversation did to a person’s creativity.  Three different states of conversation were tested: normal conversation, serious conversation, and sarcastic conversation.  Out of the three more people were creative after the sarcastic conversation. When you are thinking of being creative next, talk with a friend sarcastically and you should experience a better bout of creativity.  Just be warned that there are some negative impacts of sarcasm.  The main takeaway with negative actions of sarcasm is just make sure that you have a report with the person you are joking with.

More info: Harvard Gazette via (