Mystery Of The Giant Hand At The Temple Of Hercules

The largest and most enormous fingers found here! Located in the backdrop of modern Amman, the Temple of Hercules is situated towards the hillside and is one of the oldest buildings in the vicinity.

It was built back in 162-166 CE and was under the occupation of Marcus Aurelius from Rome. You would be surprised to know that the temple is larger than Rome altogether and towards the east, the portico comprises six 33 foot tall columns. The overall area is 100 feet by 85 feet and as per scholars; there are hints that prove that the structure was never completed.

The excavation helped scholars to unravel mysteries regarding this structure. It has three gigantic fingers, one elbow, and multiple coins scattered, which depict Hercules himself.

Apparently, this structure was destroyed during an earthquake and only the hand and elbow remain as of now. If the original structure were to be retained, experts suggest that it would have been over 40 feet high and would have been the largest marble structure in the world.

As of today, you can simply walk along with the ruins and have a beautiful time looking at the demigods and what could have been the greatest structure.