Guy Tries To Help Lost Dog, Until He Reads Its ID Tag

Have you ever been to a gas station and run into a stray dog that you tried to help out for one reason or another?  This is the story of Dew, a seemingly stray dog will no home, and Tyler Wilson, a Kentucky resident who noticed that this yellow lab had been hanging around the gas station with no one to claim him.

After seeing him a couple of times, he called the dog up, and pet him until he saw his collar tag “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”   Talk about a comical moment.  Tyler gave the sweet dog some pets and then sent him on his way home like the tag asked.


It turns out that Dew belongs to a nearby farm, and the family that lives there says that he absolutely loves to wander around and greet all sorts of people.  He’s a celebrity in these parts and is well loved for his friendly personality.

He has a GPS tracker and a chip, so his loving family always know where he is and how to find him if they need it.  This is a sweet story and even Tyler tried to help Dew, he is glad that it was just a tale of a dog that liked to wander.

There are already enough strays around the area as it is, and Dew is just doing his job at being the official greeter of the neighbourhood.  Happy wandering, Dew!

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