The Massive 16th Century Sculpture Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside!

Colosso dell’Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus, is a giant 16th-century Italian sculpture that sits in the park of Villa Demidoff just north of Florence. The structure was first erected in 1580 by Italian sculptor Giambologna. The colossal figure is placed like a guardian of the pond in front of him.

This Epic Colossus Was Erected In The Late 1500s By Renowned Italian Sculptor Giambologna.

Apennine Colossus

The mountain god is 35 feet tall and stands in Florence, Italy

Colossus close up 3

The gigantic sculpture hides a wonderful secret – it’s actually a building and his interior hides several rooms with different functions that made this colossus come to life.

This model reveals the rooms inside of the colossus

Andreas Angelidakis
Andreas Angelidakis

These photos reveal some of the grottos hidden inside his depths