This Frightening Footage Just Surfaced, And No One Can Explain It. Now People Are Freaking Out.


Whether you believe in monsters and folklore or not, this fantastic tale is one to check out.  It is all about the goatman, a monster that is said to be frequenting different locations in the US lately.  It is a hybrid of a goat and a human, a concoction that was developed in a biology lab by a scientists with a twisted sense of humour.  This creature has been spotted – like big foot – at random, but now there is new video footage of him galavanting around the country.  While most people are terrified of his looks, it’s curious to see if he could ever be tamed by his human side…that is, if you believe in the myth that there is enough human in him to be tamed in the first place.

The legend of the Goatman dates back to 1957 in Prince Georges County, Maryland.


But it has recently been spotted in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Texas — all in one week.


Goat-human hybrids have been a popular myth for millennia, but this particular goat creature is something special.


Some people believe that the Goatman is a hybrid created by a scientist named Stephen Fletcher. As the story goes, he chose to combine the DNA of a baby goat with that of a human while working at a government facility. Details of how the creature escaped are unknown.


Watch this chilling video to find out more!

So, do you believe this haunting story, or it just some sort of twisted folklore to scare children out of the woods in times of need? Share this horrific hybrid with your friends below…if you dare!


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