How a Stranger Interfered and Changed the Life of a Single Father That was Falling Apart

There is still some kindness left in the world. You would be surprised looking at how a small gesture of kindness changes life of people to an unimaginable extent. Leon Logothetis is a man who gives out a lot of kindness to the world. A former banker, he gave up on his luxurious life to roam around the world and help people who are genuinely in need.
Recently, when he was touring around Denver, Colorado, he came across a man whose life was falling apart. He was a single father and recently, he had also become homeless. Despite several attempts, he was not able to do anything he tried and he also had a little son to take care of.
That is when Logothetis decided he help him. Watch the video and you will be shaken looking at the kindness. You can know more about it by following the #GoBeKind campaign on Twitter.  #GoBeKind Tour Episode 4 Denver by DigitalLaunch on Rumble (via Facebook / Leon Logothetis)

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