The Line Between Hyperrealism and Surrealism Is Blurred On These Giant Pencil Drawings

South African artist, Jono Dry, was born in Pretoria. Jono currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Artist explores a surrealist point of view through hyperrealism art.

The brilliant creative learned the surrealism and hyperrealism art styles all by himself, and he usually produces work on a large scale. He usually uses graphite on paper or board. His drawings usually just have a plain black or white background, giving them a dramatic feel. One large drawing can take up to half a year to complete and it’s mainly because the artist pays extreme attention to details. Along the way, Dry is happy to share his works in progress.

Check out his incredible artwork below.

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human in eye drawing

hyperrealism drawing

hand elephant drawing

hyperrealism drawing

tree on hand draw

Giant pencil drawings