20 Funny Sunburned People Who Failed To Use Sunscreen

We all furiously refuse any advice to put on sunscreen at least one time. This is a compiled painfully funny list full of the unfortunate ones who got too badly sunburned.

1. It’s More Than Just A Tan, Buddy

funny sunburnedVituka

2. Sunburn

funny sunburnedkidkapelski

3. Not “Happy”. Forgot Sunscreen On My Face, And Am Waiting For An X-Ray For A Rolled Ankle. Not Happy Jan. And Not So Fun Color Run

funny sunburnedmitchp88

4. Never Sleep Outside With Cereal, Guys

funny sunburnedelley5sos

5. My Friend Told Me That I Look Like A Popsicle Stick

funny sunburnedgenuinlyinterested

6. What Could Go Wrong If I Forget The Sunscreen?

funny sunburnedGENERALfreckles

7. At Least It’s Symmetrical

funny sunburnedOtis-B-Driftwood

8. Trying To Even Out My Tan On My Lunch Break


9. A Buddy Of Mine Seemed To Think Stick Sun Screen Was A Good Idea


10. That’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Jeans With Holes On Sunny Days