30 Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada

1. Found A Pretty Cool Hat At A Local Store Today

canadian jokeslostboys519

2. Canadians Are Notorious For Being Kind

canadian jokesGuacamoleFanatic

3. Canadian Police Clash With Citizens

canadian jokesasdmatt

4. The Things You See In A Northern Canadian Town

canadian jokesnightowlrr

5. Weโ€™re Living 3 Seasons At Once Right Now (September 15, 2018)

canadian jokesgoodluck_canuck

6. Christmas In Canada Is Difficult Sometimes

canadian jokesN8theGr8

7. Honest Canadian Commuters. The Workers Were Missing And The Automatic Gates Were Broken. This Is The Result

canadian jokesjkjkjij22

8. Police In Montreal Are Protesting A Labor Dispute By Not Wearing Their Work Pants

canadian jokes


9. Meanwhile In Canada

canadian jokesfngrtps

10. Canadian Police On The Job

canadian jokescsaby