30 Hilarious Moments When Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park

11. He Figured Out We Were On Our Way To The Vet And Not The Dog Park

funny dogs vet clinickatannpat

12. Trying To Escape Before His Vet Appointment

funny dogs vet clinicTenForTwoYears

13. Perfect Hiding Place From Vet. She Will Never Find Me

funny dogs vet clinicmatthewandrew

14. Saw This At The Vet’s Office A While Back

funny dogs vet clinicpuregoldbaby

15. So My Dog Had To Go To The Vet Today

funny dogs vet clinicstephiejeanmachine

16. How Do They Always Know You’re Taking Them To The Vet Even If You Don’t Say Anything?

funny dogs vet clinicschlinker

17. My Dog Hiding From The Vet

funny dogs vet clinicDrSchwebel

18. My Friend’s Dog Just Found Out He Is Heading To The Vet

funny dogs vet clinicgwackr

19. Someone Gets A Little Nervous At The Vet

funny dogs vet cliniclowspeedlowdrag

20. When I’ve Told My Dog, That We Are Going To Visit Vet

funny dogs vet clinicarthurtheking10