22 Hilariously Accurate Comics About Adulthood And Life By Owlturd


Who’s in the mood for some funny comics that you will also agree with when you look at them in combination with your real life problems?  Excellent, you’re in the right place.  Here you will find great comics that are going to make you laugh and then possibly cry because they’re so realistic that you can’t really help it.

Each of these shows the idea of how being a grown up doesn’t mean that you have a fantastic life.  Kids always think that adults have these incredible lives, but us adults know that it really isn’t as easy as one would think.  These comics show off how it really feels to be an adult so that we can take a look at these photos and cartoons and see that, yes, that’s how I feel.

Many think that these cartoons are meant to be funny but miss the mark and feel depressing instead.  Others feel that these give a place for adults to go to and find a connection with others who have come here and are looking to connect with people who are living the same kinds of lives as you are.  It’s all about sharing your human experience with others, and if that is done through a comic comment (or the comic itself) then who’s to say that this isn’t a good thing?  Life is what you make of it, which is the point of these cartoons in the first place.

1. Mush


2. Freedom’s All You Got


3. A And B Smell The Flowers


4. I Didn’t Want To Know


5. You Can’t Defeat What’s Already Defeated


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