20 Hilarious Reasons Why Every Cat Owner Should Get A Glass Table

If you are a cat lover, or perhaps your house is home to one or more cats, then there’s one thing you absolutely need to get, just in case you still don’t have one. A glass table. Cats love to climb and lie on tables all day. But, have you ever thought of looking up from underneath? Because it’s probably the best way to look at our furry friends.

1. Every Step You Take Every Bag You Shake Every Fish You Bake I’ll Be Watching You!

funny cats on glassrexiecat

2. My Mother Just Sent Me This Picture. She Just Woke Up And Had This Fella Sleeping Over Her Bed

funny cats on glassNetblast

3. Glass Bowl Of Cat!

funny cats on glassLuca_Lastname

4. The Tongue Out Tuesday Vibes In Combeanation With Some Chubbiness And Bootyfulness

funny cats on glassrexiecat

5. Mikan Is Always Crushed

funny cats on glasschiyo.mame

6. Hover Cat Is Here

funny cats on glass

7. Bean Paws

funny cats on glasspeghah_maleknejad

8. The Most Spectacular View From The Bottom

funny cats on glass


9. Oh Hello. I Didn’t See You Down There

funny cats on glassAviahWinchester

10. MRW I Have No Money And I See People Eating Delicious Food In Cafes

funny cats on glass