30 Funniest Amazon Reviews Shared On This Online Group

The subreddit titled /amazonreviews has been sharing all the funny weird product reviews on Amazon. Take a look at them!

1. Hilarious!


2. A Cute Amazon Review I Revisit Just For A Smile. An 88-Year-Old Woman And Her 92-Year-Old Husband Attend A Halloween Party. Btw They Liked The Bee Costume

funny amazon reviewsreddit.com

3. Turning A Bad Situation Into A Good Review?

funny amazon reviewsrefresh2glow

4. Just Saw This Today On A Teeth Whitening System

funny amazon reviewsNVLVS

5. Candles Are For Men Too!

funny amazon reviewswlwfb10

6. Ok, I’m Sold!

funny amazon reviewssammybr00ke

7. Found Last Night When Shopping For A LED Collar For Dog

funny amazon reviewsUSMC_92

8. Definitely Works Well

funny amazon reviews


9. 50 Lb Pound Of Play Sand Is Heavy And Makes For Great Revenge!

funny amazon reviewsOrange_Prius

10. That Cuts Deep

funny amazon reviewsquiietuptown