Fujian Tulou, Giant Communal Homes In China

Fujian Tulou are unique Chinese rural buildings constructed by the Hakka people from Fujian Province, China. They were mostly built between the 12th and the 20th centuries. They have several stories high and are enclosed by a thick earth wall. One of the main aims, while buildings were constructed, was to provide a defensible living area for the Hakka people. The top-level of Fujian Tulou has gun holes for defensive purposes. The largest ones could have been housing almost 800 people.

The largest ones of Fujian Tulou could have been housing almost 800 people.

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“Closed outside, open inside” concept

A tulou is mostly a large, enclosed and fortified earth building. While some of them have a circular form, others might be rectangular or square. They were constructed according to the Chinese dwelling tradition “closed outside, open inside” concept.


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Take A Look Inside China’s Giant Communal Homes