Her Body Was Frozen SOLID… Then Something Unexplainable Happened.

This story has been doing rounds since 25 years and people have constantly been arguing about its validity. As per the story, Jean Hillard ran the car into a ditch on December 20th, 1980, and as she could not call for help back then, she either had to wait for help or walk her way to her friend’s place.

She chose walking to her friend’s place but could reach only till her friend’s driveway before collapsing. Her friend found her after six grueling hours, only to find her frozen.

The doctors tried their best and gave her heat, due to which she started melting gradually. However, due to her strong will power, she made a full recovery within six days and was in perfect condition.

Hillard’s story has been debated about frequently, as people find it to be impossible to stay alive for such long periods in frozen conditions.