A Frightening Look At The Empty Ghost Cities Of China

Have you ever heard of someone building megacities just in case they’re needed in the future?  Welcome to China, where this is very much the reality.  The reasoning behind this entire construction of megacities meant to hold over 10 000 and more, is that by 2020, those living in rural China are going to find themselves moving into the cities, meaning that those cities already crowded out aren’t going to be big enough to house those that want to move in.

Thus, megacities such as Tianduchenga.  This is a city that is prepared for over 10 000 people, but right now, only 2 000 people are living in the area.  This just one of the many cities that is being built with the expectation that in the future, it will be populated to the capacity that it is meant for, much to the joy of those who were behind its funding and design.  For now, these ghost cities are equal parts terrifying and invigorating.