When You See What These Chickens Do Every Morning, You’ll Never Look At Eggs The Same Way Again.

Usually, when you want to buy eggs, you see it mentioned on the cover as “free-range” or “cage-free”. However, not much people would know about the difference that exists between both of them.

“Cage-free” means that the chickens are not made to live in cages and they can roam around freely. However, they do not have the access to go to sunlight and will always be confined to a room which does not get much sunlight.

“Free-range” means that the chickens are neither confined to cages nor to any rooms and are free to move around anywhere they want, including getting exposed to sunlight if they wish to!

Watch this video and you will surely think twice before buying eggs the next time and will make it a point to buy “free-range” eggs as it will help these farmers. So, do your bit and support the “free-range” eggs that are laid by the chicken freely without being confined to anywhere!

Let’s support kind farmers like these by buying free-range eggs whenever possible. The chickens will appreciate it, too!

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