His Dogs Wouldn’t Stop Barking… When He Finally Looked Outside, His Blood Ran Cold.

Phil Hendra, a man from Florida has many dogs and all of them are well behaved. However, one fine day, one of the dog started barking continuously looking at one direction. Phil headed towards the door to look at what was happening.

When Phil came out and looked at the direction in which the dog was barking, he was shocked!

florida panther

There was a Florida Panther right there and Phil just took a few steps back to grab his camera.

florida panther

When the shutter sound of the camera came, it had caught the attention of the Panther. These panthers are mighty and grow up to a height of seven feet, which definitely means danger!

florida panther

The panther was least bothered and was lying on Phil’s porch for the next 20 minutes.

florida panther

All of a sudden, the panther disappeared and it was never seen again!

florida panther

Well, not every day that you spot a panther in your back porch!

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