Floating Island Project in Copenhagen Canals Is Open for Everyone

Architects from Danish Fokstrot design studio has created a floating island in Copenhagen. According to Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg, this floating island will move around inside canals of Copenhagen. And the island will be open for everyone. People can get on the island, have a barbeque, relax, take some photos, and go back to their lives.

Floating island is made from linden tree. This single piece tree formed a platform on the canals with a 20 square meter area. Actually, this floating island is part of a larger project. Some parts of the Copenhagen Islands project is funded by Danish arts and Havnekulturpuljen. Havnekulturpuljen mainly promotes organizations in the harbor region.

floating island with tree copenhagen

Architects Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg started to the first stage of the Copenhagen Islands project.

Copenhagen Islands projects consist for different floating islands.

The main ideas are to design and implement these floating islands and place them in the canals of Copenhagen.

These islands will become a leisure and entertainment area and all the islands in the project will be open to everyone.

floating island with tree copenhagen

The first island of the projects is in Slusen. However, the plans are to move the floating island to Refshaleøen.

According to Blecher, this first island was used by people.

And the first users are kayakers and swimmers. This prototype was used for sunbathing as well as fishing.

floating island with tree copenhagen

The project proposal has the total of nine islands including the first prototype. Blecher and Maarbjerg plan to add different functions to all these floating islands.

Other islands in the projects will have different entertainment components such as diving board, and sauna. Also, small stages and floating café is planned for the project.

Additionally, these islands could be linked if there is an event planned in the canals.

With the developments in canals of Copenhagen, these islands will increase the demand to the harbor region.

floating island with tree copenhagen