The Fashion Institute of Technology is Cleaning out its Closet

The Fashion Institute of Technology has a permanent collection of over 50,000 accessories and garments at their museum. Many of these fashion items date all the way back to the 18th century while others are from the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the institute is acquiring new fashion pieces for their collection all the time, they decided to start cleaning out some of their undesirable pieces in order to make room for the newer pieces.

In late October, the Fashion Institute retained the services of the Charles A. Whitaker Auction Company to help them sell some of the pieces from their collection at an auction house in Pennsylvania. Some of the items include Balenciaga clothing and cocktail dresses from the 1960s, beaded dresses from the 1920s, and vintage Valentino clothing.

Hermès leopard print terry cloth robe

1920s beaded dresses

Cobalt Pearl beaded dress, 1920s

Egyptian revival headpiece and body jewelry, 1920s

Carpet design petit point bags, early 20th c.

Chinese silk embroidered robe, early 20th century

Vera Neumann printed cotton dress, 1968

Eisenhower campaign appliqued circle skirt, 1956. Made by Juli Lynne Charlot, black cotton with polychrome self appliqué having elephant holding ‘Ike’ banner, White House with ‘No Vacancy’ sign, ‘Equal Rights’, “Full Employment’, ‘Atoms for Peace’, etc. 

Right: Valentino 2-piece chiffon feather dress over sequins.

Christian Dior original fashion illustration, 1954

Figural hat stands, c. 1930

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