Giant Coloring Canvases Create a Unique Group Activity for Adults

As kids almost everyone enjoys coloring books.  You are able to color in objects in the color that you want and no matter who you are there is a coloring book out there for you.  Many different subjects have been used for coloring books from animals to cities to cars and more.  What happens though when you try to reintroduce coloring to adults? Fancy Features is what happens.  Fancy Features are extremely large, colorless artworks created by Maria Leyden and Chris Mason.  These works are large enough that multiple adults can work on them at the same time.  There is no coloring guide so the works become truly yours.  You and your friends control the scene. The images that are featured on Fancy Features are made for each occasion and as such completely customized for the event.  That means just like coloring books you will always be able to get a fancy feature for you.  Whether it is for an organization, a party, or another activity you will be able to have something to entertain both adults and kids.  Some organizations even order artistic copies of their real life buildings or projects to make the art relevant to their business. Be warned that in order to get a quote you are required to subscribe to their mailing list and the website is currently much better viewed on a cell phone.

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Giant Coloring Canvases Create a Unique Group Activity for Adults