Famous Songs Hilariously Explained With Simple Comics (NSFW)

There is a hidden meaning associated with every song and not everyone will be able to understand the meaning easily. However, have you liked a song so much that you decided to know what the hidden meaning is? There was a guy from Iceland who did that and has illustrated the songs in a very comical manner.

Hugleikur Dagsson, an artist and a comedian; has been able to create ironic parodies of some of the most famous songs and they include some of the innocent hits back from the 50s; which were melancholic hits back then. You will be awed looking at the illustrations that are so simple and easy to understand; still being brutally honest and rude at times. This humor is definitely not suited for everyone as many people would consider this to be highly offensive. Although, you would still break into a smile when you see it for the first time! All the illustrations are made into a book named “Popular Hits” and it is available in English.

More info: Hugleikur Dagsson | Tumblr | Facebook