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The Homeless Puppy This Man Found In A Field Wanted Nothing More Than To Be Loved

Dog owners would be familiar about how excited dogs get when the owners get back home. It is one of the most priceless moments in the lives of dog owners.

The way in which a puppy shows love when it sees its owners is priceless and you will realize that puppies only expect love and nothing else.

Have a look at this person, who was having a daily jog, when he saw that there was a homeless puppy that was probably abandoned. However, he was not at all scared and took the puppy in his arms. The puppy was more than happy and was seen wagging her tail in the hands of the man. Watch this video and you will surely be delighted to look at the way the puppy reciprocates love.

The man got in touch with animal rescue team and they were able to find an awesome owner for the new dog. We would definitely not let anyone take away this dog if we had found her!

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