Ever heard that an octopus can squeeze through any hole that its beak can fit through? Here is all the proof you need.

Octopuses already rank pretty high on the ‘awesometer’, but this video pushes their rating off the charts. Filmed by fisherman Chance Miller around Alaska’s Chiswell Islands, the clip shows a giant Pacific octopus squeezing and squashing its way through a tiny hole in the side of a boat while passengers watch on in disbelief. It’s two parts incredible and one part creepy, and proves beyond a doubt that octopuses are pretty much just big gooey, tentacly superheroes. Octopuses are able to do this because they have no bones. Their beaks are the hardest part of their bodies. So if the beak fits, everything else can too. Although the original video was published in 2011, it’s definitely worthy of a re-post.