30 Embarrassing Moments, People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To

The subreddit “Don’t you know who I am?” is dedicated to sharing the embarrassing moments of people who didn’t know who they were talking to.

1. Telling A Doctor To Educate Herself

embarrassing momentsOldManBrodie

2. Tom Morello Is Raw As Hell

embarrassing momentsoverdosed93

3. Oof

embarrassing momentsalliethefatcat

4. Famous British Writer

embarrassing momentslindacheeseknife

5. Christians Owning Christians

embarrassing momentsEleftourasa

6. Apparently Women In Science Can’t Be Real

embarrassing momentslollylialemon

7. Improve Your Argument

embarrassing momentsCuntcept

8. Kindly Remove Yourself, Austrian Overlord


9. Actually, It’s Dr. Science Expert


10. Tom Morello Lives On This Sub