Ed Sheeran sends message to dying man who married his sweetheart in hospital after missing out on surgery

Jack Jordan, a 23 year old, became a victim to the deadly bone marrow cancer. Although there was a ray of hope of survival owing to a bone marrow transplant that was due to happen, Jack Jordan missed out on the transplant surgery as the cancer had spread beyond reversible damage before the surgeons could go ahead and carry out the operations.

Jack was planning to marry his longtime girlfriend and fiancé Laura Cant and the marriage was due after he was done with the transplant. However, as the surgery could not go through, the couple still were firm on their decision and got married. Ed Sheeran was moved by the decision taken by the couple and sent across a message to the couple at Devon Hospital. He advised them to have fun, booze, and dance, have sex and enjoy life to the fullest in each other’s company. (h/t: metro.co.uk)