40 Pics Of Real-Life Easter Eggs That People Accidentally Found

There’s an online community called r/IRLEasterEggs dedicated to sharing all of the Easter eggs hidden in real life.

Here is our previous ‘real-life easter eggs’ post.

1. Under A Coffee Bag

easter eggsprog_d0nkey

2. On A Broom Package


3. Found At My Local Fresh Market. Congrats Phylis And Thanks For Making The Best Ice Cream!

easter eggsintuition1st

4. Not Op But Be Worth Seeing!


5. Found In Our Baby Name Book

easter eggsSen5ibleKnave

6. Sierra Nevada Understands Family Business


7. My Supplement Delivery Had A Surprise On The Bottom Of The Box

easter eggsSlightlyAdventurous

8. This Sign At The Pond


9. Old Sweatshirt

easter eggsval0719

10. Portobello Public Pencil Sharpening Project