If Your Hands Are Bound Together And No One Is There To Help, This Trick Could Save Your Life

While it’s never nice to think about, there could be a time in any person’s life where they find themselves in a situation that sees them tied up or bound in some way. Scary as it is, criminals often will bind victim’s hands together, usually if they are being kidnapped. A popular tool for this crime is using standard duct tape like you would buy at a hardware store. Thankfully its prominent use for bounding unsuspecting victim’s hands together has led many to explain just how you can escape from that hypothetical situation. The following video featuring former CIA agent Jason Hanson does just that, explaining how simple it is to free your hands and wrists when bond together with duct tape. Now hopefully you never ever have to use this information, but there is no harm in being well-prepared just in case! Watch the video and see for yourself!