Dolphins Spotted Riding Whales Off The Coast Of Hawaii


Although dolphins and whales are considered to be intelligent, they interact with humans in a friendly manner and exhibit the same behavior with other animals too. But these series of images truly amazed us, where bottlenose dolphins were seen riding on humpback whales in Hawaii. The unique companionship was first captured by Lori Mazzuca and was uploaded in Facebook under the name The Whale and Dolphin People Project. He also described in the post about how these two animals were playing with each other, where the humpback whale swam while the dolphin just balanced itself on the head of the whale. Lori is a photographer and a marine biologist. He has also written a paper about whales and their interactions with humans. Eventually, many other people started uploading similar photos and it became evident that this kept happening frequently.


Ken Ramierz, the VP of animal care in Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, was questioned by Discovery and he said that a video would have explained it better. Also, he opined that this was similar to how dolphins surf in front of boats. Scroll down to watch a video compiled by the American Natural History Museum that showcases all the photos and more description about the islands. [H/T Techly]

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