This Dog’s Injuries Were Beyond Horrific…Weeks Later, I Can’t Believe It’s Him!

Found in an abandoned basement and gaining the attention of a few nosey neighbours, this dog almost didn’t get saved.  The call came in to Animal Aid Unlimited stating that there was a dog hiding out in the abandoned basement of a building close by.  It is unknown whether this call came from someone who was concerned for the dog’s well-being, or simply a nosey neighbour.  At any rate, this lucky pooch owes that phone call his life. Rescuers found this beaten dog and brought him to their headquarters, where his massive head wound was being eaten by maggots and his body was wasting away.  It took a lot of time and effort, but he pulled through and started to look and act like a dog again.  The attention and devotion he got at the dog hospital allowed him to see that humans aren’t all bad, and how he is well on his way to joining a new family, his tail wagging and his eyes lit up with hope and love.  It’s an incredible transformation that you have to see for yourself.