She Endured Such Abuse By Previous Owners That All She’d Do Was Stare At The Wall

It’s almost too sad to think about what happened to this dog that made her so fearful of humans when rescuers found her.

Angel is a greyhound mix that was found to be living in terrible abuse. Despite being rescued from her neglectful owners, she would still sullenly stare off into the wall instead of making eye contact with any of her rescuers due having a lack of trust.

You will all remember Angel from Last summer……..Well see the second video below :)

Posted by PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland on Saturday, January 30, 2016

After trying for some time to cure her of her fears, shelter workers stumbled upon a solution…

They did all they could to improve her mood and demeanour, but nothing seemed to work. That was until a close friend from another animal shelter was brought in, and she was immediately looking better!

Just look at her now.

PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland is responsible for her rescue and they certainly did an incredible job in rehabilitating Angel and finding her a new home!