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A Puppy In Need Walked Up To A Man At Work. What Followed Shattered My Heart

There is always time to help a needy dog. Irrespective of age- puppies or the matured ones, they really need to be assisted by us. The fact is that we put more attention on puppies, for reasons like- their pretty cute looks, too tender to care for themselves, so we are will to protect them from any danger that can claim their lives. Now, what happens to those that have fallen victim of the harsh world? Those who have live probably all of their lives in danger? What form of assistance can we render to these? Yeah! The story about “Toothless the dog” should bring an idea.

dog rescue

This little guy was found by Cody Leightenheimer one day. His words- “I was working at a wood flooring factory a couple months after. I had an entire wing, basically, to myself. One day I was staining some custom furniture for my boss’s getaway Florida home when I looked at the other end of the hangar length building to see a little puppy. I instantly wanted to abandon post and grab the thing for cuddles but I had work to get done. This pup wasn’t having none of that though. He walked up to me and stared at me with his huge eyes. I pet him and noticed instantly that he was flea covered, matted and not in the best physical shape. As I looked closer I realized that he had a lot of gray around his muzzle, ears and face.”

dog rescue

“I got him chicken-ish fast food during my lunch because he was so thin that I could feel his bones. I started sending these pictures to my wife planning on pleading to bring him home. I didn’t have to because she beat me to the punch.”

“I thought that I would have to herd him away from doors all day until I could clock out and take him home. The little guy fell asleep on the floor and stayed there all day.”

dog rescue

As soon as they arrived home with this guy, he was cleaned up with a whole lot of fleas being removed from him, he was taken to the vet. The medical verdict read this impressive list of conditions:

  1. Stunted growth, due to malnutrition.
  2. Cataracts and one small pupil from blunt force trauma to the head.
  3. Vomiting due to ulcer in his stomach.
  4. Four oronasal fistulas in his mouth as a result of his teeth being rotting out of his head.
  5. Completely deaf.

dog rescue

As a Shetland Sheepdog with an age range of between 8-12months and weighing 7.3 lbs, they started working on him.

dog rescue

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