Dog Found Alone At Airport With Heartbreaking Note From His Owner

We have always considered and deemed animal abandonment an act of cruelty and abuse of animal rights. However, we are often presented with the solutions that can’t go unapproved. This situation is, sadly, one of them.

This story is about a 3-month-old Chihuahua whose name is Chewy. Chewy was a happy little pup who was adopted by an owner who, unfortunately, was involved in an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The story is as follows


On a good day at an airport, a kind Samaritan walks into a restroom in the Las Vegas Airport on a weekend. As soon as eyes are laid on a puppy Chihuahua, someone might feel a resentment towards the person who would abandon their pet just like that. However, as far as that sort of resentment is allowed, it quickly went away as soon as the founder read the note besides the pup. The note started by introducing the puppy. Chewy, a pup who was petted by someone who was in an abusive relationship. According to the note, the owner was trying to flee from her ex-boyfriend with her puppy Chihuahua. However, she couldn’t take Chewy with herself because she couldn’t afford to take him on-board. In a fight, the ex-boyfriend had kicked the puppy which lead to him having an injury on his head. She further added in the note that Chewy needed a vet and that someone would find him and take care of him.


As soon as the note had ended, the reader’s resentment towards the owner had change as admiration of how she had gathered up the strength to actually go forward with this. The Samaritan then brought Chewy to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, where Linda Gilliam first listened to the heart-breaking story.

Linda Gilliam didn’t hesitate to take Chewy in and then immediately task one of her partners to start his treatment. Chewy is now on her way to a speedy recovery.


With the whereabouts of Chewy’s owner still unknown, Linda Gillian aims to share the story to help other people who are presented with abusive situations. There are animal shelters and animal care centers provided everywhere. It was stated by Linda that this is a very overlooked issue and that its Chewy’s owner bravery that lead to Chewy is sage and is on his road to a very healthy, happy, and lovable life.

dog-note-airport-restroomvia dodo