It’s Now Legal to Break Into Cars to Save Dogs in Tennessee

Nice to hear, is the fact that humans in Tennessee can now break into cars in the summer to rescue dogs that need relief from the heat.  To those who have a soft spot in their hearts for their furry friends, this is a huge relief, and a great law.  We all feel distressed by the chaotic nature of the dogs as they fight for a way out of the hot car, and now we can help. Though it is important that you must try to find the owner and must notify the police about the situation, you are protected against any criminal persecution if you follow the steps and then need to rescue the dog from a harmful situation.  Cars get increasingly hot in the summer and do not take long to warm up, so it is reassuring to see that someone cares about the dogs well-being. For dog lovers everywhere, this new law is a huge relief.


dog in hot car

dog in hot car

dog in hot car

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