A Sisterly Advised To Not Have A Puppy When She Had A Baby. However, The Other Sibling Went Ahead And Had One

It was back in 2007 that an Imgur user advised her sister against having a puppy when she had her baby, as she wanted her niece to be safe.

However, destiny had other plans for the puppy and the niece, as they became BFFs.

Ever since the birth of the girl, the black Lab was constantly by her side and would often eat the cookies meant for the baby. Their friendship only kept getting stronger.

As the little girl grew up, they made it a tradition to watch cartoons together on Sunday mornings and all their activities involved each other; with an inseparable love between them.

They also walk till the school together.

As years passed, the dog showed signs of aging and his beard started turning grey.

But he still allowed himself to be dressed as a princess just to make his best friend happy

Sadly, once he turned ten, he had tumors and they got the benign tumors removed as well. When the Lab is recovering, the girl continues to sit by the side of the dog and does not budge.

This is definitely giving us some friendship goals.