This Dog Was So Indulged In Photobombing That He Followed A Street View Photographer And Photobombed All His Photos

Do you often rely on virtual maps so that you get to know more about new places? In that case, you can explore this wonderful new thing when you look at the photos captured in Ulleung-gun, Gyeongbuk, South Korea, as there is a dog in every frame of the street view captured and he will be your guide for the region. The dog follows the street view photographer to every place he goes and we think that it is incredibly adorable. Once this went viral, people from all over the world started looking for the coordinates of this place to catch a glimpse of the dog.

When you go to the street view of that place, make sure that you check out the favorite guide of the region. So why wait? Start browsing on Google Earth already to look at this wonderful dog and you will find it to be cute. Who would not want to have a furry creature accompanying them when they are traveling the world?

Scroll down to have a look at the dog and tell us what you feel about it!