5 Common Dog Behaviors And Their Meaning

Dogs are incredible creatures that we as humans are very lucky to have by our side. While some take them for granted, most people treat their dogs better than they treat themselves. Due to this extreme love that we have for our dogs we usually can understand them in some weird way. However, some of the dog behaviors are just a little too out there for us to really understand. Today we will be going over the real reasons for some of your dog’s behaviors and what may cause them. Have a seat and make sure to grab your best friend as we discuss dog behaviors.

Puppy dog eyes

The first dog behavior that we will be talking about is the ever famous puppy dog eyes. Besides simply existing, this behavior is one of the cutest behaviors that your dog can partake in. If you happen to see your dog giving you puppy dog eyes then you can guarantee that your dog truly loves you. This is also a huge sign of trust as well. If your dog does do this, do not worry. It is not bad behavior or one that needs to stop. Most people actually reward their pup with a tasty treat to show love and trust back to their dog.

puppy dog eyes

Awaiting your approval

The next behavior that we will touch on is when your dog or young puppy awaits your approval. More times than not, you can probably find your dog staring or looking at you often. Most of the time you can see this right before your dog is about to do something. When your dog exhibits this type of behavior, it means that your pup respects your opinion it also desires it. Your dog really wants to make you happy without getting in trouble throughout the process. By looking at you, he or she is basically asking you if you are okay with what they are about to do. Your dog knows who the “pack leader” is if they do this.

dog awaiting your approvalcrozefeet

Squinting or blinking of the eyes

Another odd behavior is when your dog squints or if they begin to blink their eyes a lot. Usually, this type of behavior means that your dog wants attention from you. This is an excellent time to bond with your dog and spend quality time together. If you do happen to notice this behavior with your dog, you should probably really think about the last time you gave him or her attention. You may not have given enough attention before. Naturally, some dogs cannot get enough attention in general from their owners so it is possible to see this behavior more often than not.

Squinting or blinking of the eyes

Tongue out studying you

Next on our list of dog behaviors is when your dog stares or seems to study you rather while their tongue hangs out. Most people who own dogs know exactly what I am talking about and let us be honest, it is a pretty funny look for your dog. This is another one of those incredibly adorable looks that come with having a dog. This behavior means that your dog is relaxed, mellowed out, and most importantly happy. You will usually see this expression after a long session of getting the attention that they have been craving all day from you.

dog tongue out studying you

Straight pointed tail and forward ears

A very common behavior that all dogs show at some point is a straight pointed tail and forward-facing ears. Not only do dogs show this type of behavior, but most other animals do as well. This usually means that your furry best friend is very curious about something in the environment. It is very possible that your dog heard a strange noise or they could even smell something different. At this point, your dog is at his or her most curious and most likely will do what they can to figure out the mystery of the noise or smell and play detective.

dog straight pointed tail and forward ears

From staring to floppy tongues hanging out of your dog’s mouth, canines have a lot of odd and cute behaviors. There are still many more behaviors that your dog may exhibit that we did not cover in our article today. If you have any behavioral issues with your dog that you cannot rectify on your own, you may want to consider speaking to your veterinarian about seeing a behavioral specialist.