She Was Investigating An Empty House And Walked Out With A New Best Friend

A woman who loves her job, Ashley Acord, a Baltimore police officer investigated an abandoned home when she saw a suspicious figure emerging from it and slinking off in the distance.  Fear the worst officer Acord crept closer to the home and entered it, not sure what she would find.


She was pleasantly surprised, however, when she saw that it was a case of a well groomed puppy that has been tied to a doorknob and left.  Sad that he had been abandoned, but glad she had been there to get him, officer Acord took him to the police headquarters and they put him on a “stray hold”, which is when a found dog is put on temporary hold to make sure that the owner doesn’t come looking for him.  This done in cases where a dog is stolen and then left for dead.


When no one came for this poop puppy, officer Acord took him home herself.  He is now named Grayson and is enjoying his new life with the woman who rescued him from an uncertain fate at that abandoned house.  Well loved and taken care of, no one can argue that Grayson is in a worse place then the one he started from.  While this police officer loves her new pet with all of her heart, she also hates that many people simply leave pets to die on their own rather than bring them to a local shelter so that they can get the help they need and a fighting chance to find a forever, loving home of their own.


This story had a happy ending, to everyone’s relief, but there are many versions that don’t have this ending and end with heartbreak and tears instead.  It’s a relief that Grayson has a loving home, and that officer Acord now has a loving pet who cares for her deeply.