Disney Princesses Reimagined As Hot Dogs

Ever imagined what a Disney princess may look like, re-created as a hot dog?  Well, LuckyPeach, a popular food related website, has taken this job seriously and given you in depth photos of all of your favourite Disney princesses in their modern hot dog forms.  For those that are food lovers and Disney fans, this may seem like the best of everything all at once.  For others that see Disney as a large corporation that controls the world and objectifies women, this is a sign that maybe some of the biggest and most inspirational companies out there appreciate the fact that Disney is over sexualized and promotes the message.  Whatever your opinion, it’s hard to ignore the craving for a hot dog after seeing these photos.  Perhaps yours will have a Disney princess on it too!

More info: luckypeach.com (h/t: cosmopolitan)


disney princess hot dog


disney princess hot dog


disney princess hot dog


disney princess hot dog


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