This Disfigured Cat Was Ignored By Everyone. Then A 7-Year-Old Girl Did Something Incredible

Warning: Some images may disturbed

When we think of kittens, we mostly imagine little balls of fur that are too cute to comprehend. We rarely think of horrifically disfigured animals that look like they are more zombie than cat. That was the story of Gülümser, a small kitten that was rescued from the brink of death by a considered young girl. Wandering the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, Gülümser was in terrible shape – she had missing ear, a terribly disfigured face along with an infestation of mites. While every other passer by ignored the injured kitten, a seven year old girl couldn’t stand idly by, and brought her home. There her father helped take the cat to the local vet, who knew they had a challenge on their hands. After numerous surgeries that helped to repair damage to the face and skin, Gülümser was given the all-clear and headed home with her new family. Seeing the pictures of the poor kitten before and after her rescue are incredible, and it goes to show just how much of a difference one small act of kindness can make.

This is hard to look at, and most people chose not to. But not this girl.



Slowly but surely, the medical team nursed her back to health and surgically repaired her roughest features…




Gülümser’s transformation is nothing short of magical. The vet clearly worked wonders on Gülümser, but the unconditional love of a child was her true savior.

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