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Daughter Teaches Father How To Selfie & His Pictures Are The Best Ever!

daughter teachs father selfies dogs

When the older lot start embracing technology, it becomes a lot funnier and they try their best. Similarly, in Walcha, Australia, a sheep farmer got introduced on how to click selfies – all thanks to his daughter. This has led to the old man having fun!

The photos were originally posted in a group called as ‘Cool Dog Group’ on Facebook and it soon became an internet sensation. It shows a man using a front camera with two awesome dogs and there is also a sheep. The photo is so innocent that people who look at it have the brightest smile on their faces even when they are experiencing a bad mood. Everyone on the internet wanted to visit this man and click selfies with him.

We know this solely based on the information shared by the daughter. However, we are seeking further information and if any of you know about this, please hit us up and we will take it forward from there.

daughter teachs father selfies dogs

daughter teachs father selfies dogs

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