Spider Paws: Did You Know Spiders Have Tiny Cute Paws

Ya ya Spider Paws

Did you ever think spiders are adorable? No, right? Now, let us take a closer look at them and we are pretty sure that it will make you change the way you look at them. You have thought that they have feet that are ugly and never bothered to take a closer look! Let us take a closer look and you will realize that they have tiny paws! Look at these tiny cutie spider paws and maybe they’re not scary at all.

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‘Spider Paws’ is known scientifically as Tarsus

It is known scientifically as Tarsus, which is the paw of the spider and it is just one among the eight parts that constitute the leg of the spider. Like dogs and cats, they have claws that are attached to the paws. However, it also doubles up as their ears and nose, as they are responsible for picking up the changes in the air so that they can know the smell and hear things.

Science is truly amazing! Look at the spider paws from close in the series of photos we have compiled and you will notice something that you have been ignoring all your life!

cute spider pawsMichael Pankratz

Look at those tiny spider paws

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cute spider paws photoMichael Pankratz

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Strange but true spider facts

# Spiders can see what we cannot

Certain species of salticids (jumping spiders) can see into spectrums we humans cannot. A few have been shown to be able to see both UVA and UVB light. *  

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# Spiders are the real superheroes

For its weight, spider web silk is actually stronger and tougher than steel. *  

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# Spider Blood is Blue

Unlike human blood, the oxygen in spider blood binds to copper, making their blood blue. The oxygen in human blood, on the other hand, binds to iron which makes our blood red. *  

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Spider Silk Is Super Strong

When adjusted for weight, spider web silk is stronger than steel! (If a strand of spider silk was as thick as a pencil it could stop of Boeing 747 jet in flight.) *  

cute spider paws photoLandedInMyEye