A Curious Cat Think Everything is Fake and Questioned Things Around, All Because He Found A Fake Bird

A man observed that his neighbor’s cat was confused, Frank, when he found a fake raven……and Frank couldn’t bear it.

“What is this? Is this a fake bird because I have been watching it for about an hour?”


“Didn’t you see this?…why? If this bird is fake….what other thing is fake?”


“George? Are you the one there? George?…..hope you are not fake?”


“Did you contribute to this George? Are you working for the ministry or doing something? Could this be a matrix? George?? Please give me an answer for the love of Mufasa!”


“I think nothing is real and if this is so, I am free? Am free to do whatever I desire….and there won’t be any consequences! Am free to claw the drapes and the couch without upsetting any human! Am also free to eat as many fish treats as I want! No more fear! And No more fear! I am totally free.”


Everything went in the wrong direction when Frank went home to do things he aimed at doing because of the new state of mind.

He did dance on the counters and claws the drapes and couches, he also eats the entire fishy treats and his owner had no other option other than to take him to a vet to help him with the tommy disorder he had.

Now he sat in his cat tree and questions the meaning of life while putting on his head a tinfoil hat.

The lesson of the day is that: don’t tease your cat with a fake bird or any fake living object.


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