12 Cringe Awkward Notes Teachers Wrote To Parents

When teachers think the children acted out in a way that requires parental adjustments, they sometimes write notes. Check out some of the awkward cringe notes teachers have written to poor parents.

1. Good News And Bad News

awkward teacher notes

2. Violet’s (My Cousin’s Daughter) Drawing On The Right, Teachers Note On The Left

awkward teacher notesforeignflowers

3. Too Pretty To Work

awkward teacher notes

4. “During Math Today Max Was Having A Hard Time Following Along. When I Asked Him Why He Wasn’t Doing His Work, Max Responded, ‘Well, I’m Just Too Good Looking!’”

awkward teacher notes

5. The Biggest Booger Ball

awkward teacher notes

6. Got A Note From The Teacher

awkward teacher notesDandy_Taters

7. Quiet Voices

8. “Amara Has A Worm In Her Pocket. She Did Not Want To Throw It Away. I Just Wanted To Give You A Heads Up”

awkward teacher notes


9. “[Your Kid] And A Few Of His Friends Often Make Up Characters, Give Them Amusing Names, And Then Have Exciting Adventures At Playtimes. This In Itself Is An Imaginative And Creative Pastime … However, It Has Come To Our Attention That One Of The Characters Has The Name ‘Wildo The Dildo’”

awkward teacher notespahunt1978

10. The Ultimate Juxtaposition Of Naughty And Nice Came Home In Allie’s Folder Today

awkward teacher notesamypilott

11. Picked Up My Toddler From School And Was Handed This Note. I’m Scared To Look


12. These Kids Are Nuts

awkward teacher notesjosephcolandrea