30 Crappy Designs That Are Too Good At Being Bad

21. The Sign Says “Teaching Kids Good Manners”, But It Looks Like You’re Just Yeeting The Baby Into Trash

crappy designsalphaMrWave

22. Thought It Was A Different Language At First


23. Got This As A Gift And Honestly I Don’t Want To Throw It Away Just Because It’s Terribly Funny

crappy designsAmberedVal

24. This Unfortunate Placement Of A Handle


25. The Marbling In These Floor Tiles Makes It Look Like Someone Pooped All Over The Floor

crappy designsthisshortenough

26. Sure, Place An Ad With A Guy Drinking Water Next To Rubbing Alcohol Of The Same Brand


27. They Sell Suitcase Covers.. But The Photoshop Is Just Awful

crappy designssuscript25

28. Maybe I Shouldn’t Park Here


29. Much More Convenient!


30. Is This Andre The Giant’s Treadmill?

crappy designsphillypharm