30 Crappy Designs That Are Too Good At Being Bad

11. This Bench. Where I Live It Is Very Hot And It Is Impossible To Sit In This Park

crappy designsRocketSmash9000

12. Why Is Clear A Green Button While Enter Is Yellow? I Kept Accidentally Clearing My Pin


13. This Sign At The Akron Zoo That Looks Like A Man Peeing In His Own Face

crappy designs-Error-UserNotFound

14. Rénovations Done To A 500 Years Old Tower


15. They Just Don’t Go Together

crappy designsterbiun

16. A Speed Bump On An Downhill Slope With No Drainage?


17. Easy Way To Piss Off A Mailman

crappy designspopstarter

18. This Is Not Vitamin D; It’s An Emoji On A Bottle Of Magnesium


19. If You Say So!

crappy designsTML_31

20. Her Face Is Not Ok