Men Are Turning Their Homes Into Cozy Living Places

30 men are turning their homes into cozy living places, the results are remarkable!

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1. I Made Over My Friend’s Studio Apartment. Here’s A Before-And-After. It’s Also The First Time Anyone Asked Me To Design Their Home

living placeswatermelonpep83

2. I’m Traveling Majority Of The Year For Work, So I Bought A Camper. My New Home On Wheels. Sure Beats The Heck Out Of A Motel


3. How It Started vs. How Its Going

living placesAPurpleTRex

4. Small House, Big View


5. Bought My First House. Slowly Making It My Own

living placesMattio2187

6. Before And After. I Could Have Skipped The 4 Months Of Bad Luck, Setbacks And Nightmares In The Middle While Creating This But Oh Well


7. Going To Miss This Place

living placesskepnaden

8. I Moved Into An Old Squash Court


9. Found These Old Lockers And Turned Them Into A Functional Piece For My Living Room

living placesDozyDotes01

10. Don’t Really Ever See Exteriors Here. I’ve Hated The Color Of My House Since I Bought It. This Week, I Got It Painted! Well Worth Every Penny!