Lobster Coloured Pastel Pink And Blue Looks Like A Cotton Candy

He’s one in 100 MILLION ?

All living creatures are unique and beautiful in their own ways. But there are some with exceptional features that surprise us on sight.

cotton candy lobster

A lobsterman named Robinson Russell had such an experience when he caught one particular lobster. He said, “I have been fishing for over 20 years and it’s the first one I’ve ever seen of that color.” This lobster’s shell was looking sheer and it was a mix of glowing pastel blue and pink. Its almost white appearance may be mistaken for albinism, but it is not the case. Its colors are so unique that the lobster started to be called as “cotton candy” lobster. Russell decided to name it Lucky.

cotton candy lobster

Apparently, such a lobster is one in 100 million according to the researchers at the University of Maine. Also, according to the manager of the Huntsman Marine Science Center, Cynthia Callahan, this coloring is due to a genetic mutation. Michael Tlusty from the University of Massachusetts Boston says that it is due to a pigment called astaxanthin which the lobster could have gotten from a certain bait.

Because of Lucky’s uniqueness, Russell thought it would be best to donate it: “I really didn’t want to sell it, so I ended up donating it to the Huntsman [Marine] Aquarium in St. Andrews where it will now live out the rest of its days.” Thanks to Russell, Lucky will safely live for the rest of its life.

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