Nurse Once Saved A Tiny Fragile Newborn. 4 Years Later, She Has No Clue He’s Standing Behind Her

We all love those heartwarming stories where animals are reunited with their owners, and other cute videos that share sweet stories with us.  This one is about a little baby who was born prematurely, so he needed to be nursed into health and life by a sweet nurse.  This little baby was saved by a nurse and, it being part of her daily routine, she didn’t think much of it.  However, four years later this same baby – now four years old – came back to thank her, and she was totally surprised.  If you are someone who loves these heartwarming stories and all of the joy that they bring to you, just take a look at the video below and enjoy all of nice warm feelings it’s going to bring you.

It’s not often that nurses such as these are able to see their work unfold in front of them in a positive way, so stories like these, while they should be common in our world, are not common at all.  Maybe this video can encourage more of those who have met heroes in the past, to reach out and touch them again now so that they can see the difference they made in people’s lives.  While it may not be right for everyone, it’s sure to motivate some people who are able to, to share their appreciation for the people in the past who have made a difference in their lives.