Ingenious Bowl-Shaped Roof Collects Rainwater to Provide Natural Cooling

BMDesign Studios from Tehran has come up with a novel idea to solve the complex problems of modern living, due to which there is water scarcity. The firm has precisely answered the water scarcity problem by developing a double-roof system that reduces the temperature inside. Known as the Concave Roof, it comprises of a bowl-shaped structure on top of a domed roof. The rainwater funnels along it and it gets accumulated in the area between the double roofs, such that it acts as a layer for wind circulation and shade.

Even the little droplets of rain that flow down become useful before they evaporate and due to this, the temperature also gets regulated, thereby reducing the costs of air conditioning.

As per the test results, it was found that there was 989 cubic feet of water harvested with 9,935 square feet of concave roof and this is highly useful for reducing your carbon footprint.

BMDesign Studios: Website